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Vintages Years of Port Wine

Already a man I realized the complexity that surrounds the Port Wines, because although apparently simple when we started to combine the categories of port wines, with the port wine houses with the best years, we have the perfect ingredients to go watch TV… however things are not that complicated or impenetrable, not resisting a calm, but persistent approach.

The years, speaking of the important stuff, have the greatest importance when we speak of Vintage, that is to say the highest category, appreciated and valued of Port Wines.We have therefore invested some of our time to examine this issue.

Just let me remind you of something very simple, Port Wines are also known as fine wines, certainly in contrast to all the others and perhaps because they are more expensive and are appreciated by the “classier”, or even however delicate at the end of a meal, accompany the desserts or be enjoyed afterwards. At those times all that is good is ... a fine wine ...

Nowadays the rules for declaring a Vintage year are a little more liberal than before, being that each producing house can declare it, of course, as long as the wine submitted to the IVDP is approved in a chamber of tasters for that category . However, the so-called Vintage years are connected with the rules of old when they were only Vintage years for wines from the port when most producing houses declared it, so it still seems to me these are the years to retain, now also known as classic vintages.

But which one are those years?

60´s: 1963 1966 1970

70´s: 1977

80´s: 1983 1985

90´s: 1992 1994 1997

2000´s: 2000 2003 2007 2009

2010´s 2010 2011 2016 2017

Here, then, are the years that matter in Vintage Port wines, in addition to which, I recall, we must add the Vintage years declared by this or that producer house.

I would, however, like to give you a good tip:: for years that have not been declared as Vintage, but that are very worthwhile, read there are Late Bottled Vintage wines that look more… want an example? Try a 1999 LBV and be amazed.

Good Wine Tastings!

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