How it works?


Wine Subscription

The advantage of an exclusive privilege

Among the best wines discovered by the winemakers of the Clube do Vinho directly from the producers, every month we offer you the best, in a box of six bottles, or the best together of two or three bottles, making a total of six. Each wine is an enigma to be unveiled , following this path of discovering great wines, only resulting in a privileged number of people - The Club Members.

Clube do Vinho buys from the producers the quantity that the members order from it, so we ask you to place a regular reservation at the time of your membership valid for the wines Clube do Vinho offers you. Most members reserve a box for themselves.

For each wine proposed, you always have the freedom to reinforce your order, keep it or not do it. The Wine Subscription is flexible, it guarantees you first-hand access to the most coveted wines.

All information about each wine

With each wine offer, you are sent the wine degustation notes prepared by the Club's Winemakers. . In simple and accessible language, you will get to know the wine grape varieties, the tasting, the region and producer, the alcoholic degree, food pairing and a map of the predictable evolution of the wine, among other elements of interest such as won prizes, etc.

Offers to Exclusive Wine Members - Findings

Whenever we find exceptional wines for you in small quantities, we contact you to enable you to purchase them.We are always on your side, we are like you a true connoisseur who likes to appreciate, own, collect and share exclusive wines that are truly precious. Enriching the wine cellar, refined meals, or simply enjoying a wine that we are particularly fond of, are pleasures that we cannot do without.

A comfort that feels like a whim

Easily receive your orders at your home or wherever you want and make your payment safely, in the way that is most convenient for you.Just let us know at the time of your membership: your IBAN, the number of your credit or debit card, or use Stripe, to settle your purchases. Delivery is free, except in the Portuguese archipelagos. We request a contribution to the shipping costs in the amount of € 3.90 for Azores, and of € 3 for Madeira.

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