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How to prepare a cheese and Portuguese sausage board?

Whenever I'm at the supermarket it's a real disaster, I buy and buy again what I want and not what I need, this for more lists and lists, always accompanied by good intentions, that I take, I always get dressed. The acquisitive slippage is always the same, sausages and cheeses, and that is what I propose to talk about now, here, with you.

Yes, I lived on bread with cheese or bread with sausages, that being said, I assume that I prefer Alentejo sausages for a double reason: they are made from black pork, and their seasoning is what I most appreciate, this in its most varied forms and presentations from sausage, to different patios: and sirloin patio passing through the delicious paio do cachaço.

Yes, I was happy in the supermarkets but today I am not - God knows how much it costs me - because all my misdirections resulted in visible damage, why, you will ask, for the simple reason that all sausages are too industrial, (in this field I am in favor of automatisms, industrialization, no) so uninteresting. Here is the note and I promise that later on I will reveal my secret.

Different approach we can have with cheeses - I still couldn't dislike a cheese - because the assortment is more comprehensive and, I confess, greedy, I still put my paw in the puddle many times… I take refuge in French cheeses - the strongest blues - and the most delicate classics (brie, camembert, saint marcelin), in Italians like parmeggianno to the head followed by a pecorino, alternating from time to time with a burrata, and in the Spanish with the joysticks on the head, and one or the other available at the time of purchase.

Inside our borders we'll have to decide for Queijo da Serra, Azeitão e Serpa, although there are few brands that satisfy me, alternating with one or another cheese from the island and here and there paired with a goat cheese.

My cheese board has always a problem that I imagine they all have: it is always small. finally whenever I use I always start but always with national cheeses and only then complete the bouquet following the appetites of the moment or perhaps better said, the possible appetites... although I have as a rule that our cheeses and the French are mandatory, and I alternate between Italians and Spaniards to give a more European taste.

As for sausages, I am more demanding because the variety reduces among the various types of black pork sausages from Alentejo, which I always present previously cut the rhodes so that the guests can easily help themselves.

A note to both national cheeses and sausages I buy them at the club wines and flavors for the simple fact of not finding comparable quality on the market, but this, gentlemen, it is I who, besides having “expensive” tastes, never try to disappoint them.

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