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In what ways can a sparkling wine be consumed?

The sparkling wine is perhaps the most universal of all drinks, having no time or time to be enjoyed, however, there are rules or perhaps better common sense regarding its consumption.

Anyone who has made a good half dozen trips has certainly realized that in the breakfast buffets it is not uncommon to find a bottle of sparkling wine in a frappe waiting for a visit. Personally I find it a bit violent at breakfast, but apparently there are those who do not miss it.

Running throughout the day sparkling wine is a delicious and cheerful aperitif for a more composed, fun lunch or even just because you want a flute of sparkling wine, but because sometimes there are these appetites.

Not only from appetites and appetizers does a good sparkling wine live, personally not infrequently accompanies me to the table whenever lunch is fish, cod in the oven, or even a simple cooked poultry . Yes, the sparkling wine can and should be enjoyed with poultry meat, who knows, it always accompanies the turkey with sparkling wine, is from the canons and is very good.

The less orthodox take on their convictions and do not shy away from grabbing one or several bottles of sparkling wine and making a delicious, refreshing and tasty bleeding from it, using their best ingenuity in more or less sophisticated recipes. One thing I assure you, it doesn't take much and the female audience loves it! Of course, I don't need to remind you that this recipe is especially suitable for hot summer days in meals as varied as they are fun.

I also add the enormous potential that sparkling wine has for making cocktails. To this end, a simple search on the internet will reveal surprising and delicious solutions. I recommend that you start by making a kir royal!

Now you have already realized that sparkling wine has no day or time, being, so to speak, a drink very linked to the party. Make your gifts with a flute of sparkling wine, enjoy it also with some strawberries... this, of course, if you choose not to stick to conventional solutions.

To keep in mind, sparkling wine is a drink without recipes or hours, of all the most joyful drinks, and that can and should be a constant presence in our homes: have you seen the good thing that is a sparkling flute when you return from the beach ...?

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