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Small or large producers?

Should wines from small producers be preferred?

This is a big question, which I have faced throughout my life, and whose answer has varied from time to time, depending on my most diverse experiences over the 35 years I have been living in this wine world.

The beginning

The principle is always marked by some naivety in the exact measure of the anxiety that we have to learn and understand things, wines, in this case. Of course, our first steps are always guided by third parties that we consider, and whose opinions we take for ourselves, as ours. But are they correct?

The evolution in this world of wines in search of answers is very slow, because our security and knowledge are continually put to the test each time we ask ourselves a question, and sometimes, when we think we are on the verge of certainty, that wine comes that throws everything down.

The path requires persistence, sensitivity and discernment.Without these three elements associated, the goal is always farther and more arduous ... yes, the path goes through wine tasting and gaining security in this area.

Taste, taste a lot, taste more, be aware of the differences of the wines, their similarities, their profiles, and gain security, knowledge. When you understand, follow, the conversations you hear are on the right track, oh, and don't forget to purge them of the passions, preferences, of each other that good wines are everywhere, as well as bad ones…

The news I have to give you is not good, it is excellent, because you never arrive,the path is continuous and as rewarding as it is challenging, because in this wine thing there is always, but always, something to discover. You can always go further and collect the rewards from there.

The producers

Of course, I understand, "small is beautiful" is in itself a great attraction and I suppose with good logic even, that small producers take better care of their wines, and that, for this reason, they will be superior. On second thought, do small producers have the best conditions for making wines, and on their properties they have space for the best grape varieties, and access to information and the best technicians, many questions to answer…

And the large producers, large-scale production, purchase of grapes, large wineries, do their wines reflect any special value? Or, on the contrary, they are content with an acceptable and repeatable medium at a price that is, say, acceptable...

The answer

The answer is not in the dimension, but in each producer,but let's see, if a producer is not knowledgeable, attentive and informed, will he ever be able to make wine properly? Very hardly!

Going here, I would say that yes, a good producer tends to always have better wines, small ones have a huge advantage over big ones, is that they are more connected to their products, have the taste and care to present them better because they know that they are your business card. Large producers, on the other hand, are not so close to their wines and tend to do their best within the level at which they stand ...


Wines always good and at a good price, whenever possible from good small producers ...

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