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Why is wine sealed with a cork stopper?

A wine is a natural product that asks for and deserves to be sealed in the bottle with a natural product.

The ancients had to govern themselves with the means at their disposal to respond to their needs, that is why they used wooden containers to store the wines that we now know as vats, barrels, quartolas, etc., and they used the properties of cork to seal the wine containers, amphorae, certainly in the early days. After all, what properties does cork have to deserve such a distinction?

It starts with the fact that there is cork throughout the Mediterranean basin, also a wine production area, it was enough to add one more. In addition, cork is a good sealant, that is, it swells in contact with liquids, ensuring the tightness of the receptacle. . And most important of all it does not impart any flavor to the liquids from which it is responsible for sealing.

For all these reasons, cork has survived until today as the seal of excellence for quality wines, and we are so used to this fact that if a wine appears to us with any other seal, we immediately lower our expectations regarding the wine in question.

I take the chance to tell you about a curiosity came from the ancients, more precisely, from the Roman Empire, the transport of wines, which has always been a subject of great importance, since when there are commercial exchanges between distant destinations it is essential that not only the container is safe - do not break - as it is watertight, ensuring that there is no loss of the liquids transported.

So the Romans who exported wines to Greece not only sealed the amphoras with cork as they still sealed with resin. Of course, it is not uncommon for the resin to come into contact with the wine and transmit its flavor over time, due to the Greeks started to appreciate this flavor, to the point that they still consume wines with a resin taste.

What about that?

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