Why belong to a Wine Club?

I've been gnawing at the desire to write about belonging to a wine club for a long time, because I - I confess - am a fan of wine clubs, not because of the simple fact of belonging or the feeling of exclusivity associated with them, but simply because they give me real benefits, which I value, and they present me wines that I would never have known otherwise. I add the fact that the extensive information they bring me and that has contributed a lot to my training as an oenophile.

Contrary to most people, I run away from reducing all problems to money, at a cost, if you prefer, since I know that there are “things” whose value goes far beyond this way of looking at the issue. I quote one or two, among those that seem to me most valuable: variety, convenience and information.

Yes, I am interested in wines not only for getting to know them but also for their consumption and, equally, for their history framed by the region and by the producer and that, dear reader, few have nails to go to the heart and from a conscious to make a choice clarified, explain it, substantiate it and finally submit it to my judgment as an appreciator of the wines that they discover, deliver to me and which I carefully evaluate.

Gradually I added to the pleasure of enlightened consumption, the enjoyment of possession, being able to affirm without fear that I have a cellar of which I am proud, and of which I know its nourished value. It gives me pleasure to organize it, to look at the wines, to count the bottles, to tidy them up, and most of all it is in the basement almost in meditation that I decide which wine I will choose for my lunch or dinner. It is there that I have my epiphanies and that almost in a processional solemnity I add or remove the bottles of wine that I have decided. It is a fact that my friends covet it, patience, it is mine.

Little by little, through the action of the wine clubs, I became a wine collector that I catalog by regions, producers, years and quantity of bottles still available. Yes, one of my weaknesses is the feeling of possession, and the power of life and death over each and every bottle I own.

More than having what truly fills me is enjoying, knowing and appreciating, and I feel that I have been very lucky in this regard, and quite honestly, alone I would not have been able to follow this path of personal discovery and appreciation that belongs to the club. has always allowed me to guarantee that I am enjoying wines carefully and carefully chosen for me.

Yes, I know that I had other alternatives, namely go to the internet and waste my rich time parading bottles, brands, years, producers, regions, going through easy paths, spent, and without any guarantee of success or minimally structured. No, this is not my thing.

Definitely a wine club, if only for a simple reason: the solidity of the wine choices against the pure and simple parroting of producers, labels, years, which say nothing but say nothing.

Yes, my friends are the wines that speak, and I, modesty apart, increasingly understand them better.

Yes, I want to know more